The Zone keyword groups scan heads into logical units. Zones are helpful to display data from multiple heads together in JSDiag, for instance, to verify the calibration of a ring of scanners. Other than this grouping, Zones don't play a role in the measurement process.  



Value Format:Zone Name CableID, ... , CableID
Location:outside a ScannerConfig block


Placing no Cable IDs in a zone declares an empty zone, which can be useful for for turning all the scanners off when in Graph View. Dual laser scanners are declared very similarly to single laser scanners. The whole number value is the Cable ID, and the decimal value is the Laser Index. Using this technique, 2.1 specifies Cable ID 2 and Laser Index 1. Some example zones are shown below:

Zone Scanner_0 0
Zone First_Three 0, 1, 2
Zone Dual_Zone_1 3.0, 4.0, 5  #Laser 0 on scanners 3 and 4 and the only laser on scanner 5
Zone Dual_Zone_2 3.1, 4.1, 6  #Laser 1 on scanners 3 and 4 and the only laser on scanner 6
Zone No_Scanners



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