Our Scanners

JS-50 Developer Portal

All documentation for JS-50 Scanners is on the JS-50 Developers Portal.  

JS-25 Scanner Family

Mechanical, electrical and maintenance specifications for the JS-25 family of scanners.

Legacy Models (JS-20 Family)

Electrical and maintenance specifications for the JS-20 family of scanners.

How JoeScan scanners work

Brief outline of the principles behind our technology.

Scanner Software

JSConfig Overview

JSConfig is a program supplied by JoeScan that finds JS-20 or JS-25 scan heads on a local network. 

JSDiag Manual

Manual for the diagnostics and calibration software for the JS-20 and JS-25 scanner family.

Software Development

C/C++ Developer Documentation

To develop scanning applications with JoeScan JS-20 and JS-25 scanners in C or C++, use the C/C++ Developers Toolkit. Bindings for Visual Basic 6 are included as well.

.NET/C# Developer Documentation

Our Developers Toolkit (DevKit) for developing scanning applications for JS-20 and JS-25 scan heads based on the Microsoft .NET framework.

Configurations Showcase

Lineal Layout

Scanning systems with the material moving lineally through the scan zone.

Transverse Layout

Scanning systems showing transverse scanning of boards and cants.

Carriage Layout

Carriage scanner examples

Installation and Setup

Reference Library

Parameters, Inputs and Wiring

Getting Started

Calibration Guide

Knowledge Base

FAQ, Tips and Tricks, Laser Safety



Program for finding and configuring scanners on the network.


Calibrate and diagnose scanners

DevKits and other downloads

Developer Toolkits for .NET and C/C++

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