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The parameter editor is used to modify the parameters that control the scanner's operation.

The parameter editor is where you adjust the exposure, scan windows, calibration fixtures, and synchronized scanning parameters. The parameters are described in a separate document.

If you click the Open icon, you can open a different parameter file. The default parameter file is param.dat in the directory from which you started JSDiag. In the Filemenu, you can use "Save as ..." to save the parameter file with a different name. Saving the parameters will first save them to disk, and then to the connected scanners. If there are errors parsing the parameters, the scanners won't use the parameters and a dialog box will display the errors in the parameters:

Messages will show up in the bottom right corner. Normally the current line number is displayed. When the parameters are successfully saved, "Parameters saved" is displayed until the cursor is moved.


Table 4. Toolbar Buttons

ButtonFunctionHot Key

Open FileCtrl+O

Save FileCtrl+S

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