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Laser View shows where the scanner is finding the laser in the camera's view.

Red is normal, magenta is bright, cyan is very bright. It is normal to have a mix of all three colors in the laser line. If the line is mostly cyan, lowering the MinLaserOn value in the Parameter Editor will allow a shorter laser exposure. Conversely, if the line is mostly red and data coverage is spotty, you can raise MaxLaserOn to allow a longer exposure.

Use the Scanner drop-down box to select which connected scanner to examine. If the selected scanner has more than one laser, use the Laser drop-down box to select which laser to examine.  Laser 0 is the laser farthest from the camera.

Tip: Clicking on the image will rotate it.
  • Encoder Count is the current encoder value.

  • Laser On is the number of milliseconds the laser was on.

  • Time In Head is the current value of the scanner's internal clock.

  • Inputs is the binary representation of the scanner's isolated inputs.

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