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JoeScan Cables Guide

Click here to download the self contained JoeScan scanner cable specifications guide. 

Input Specifications

JS-25 scanners have two connectors: an LTW Industrial Sealed Ethernet and an iCONN 8-conductor circular sealed connector. The 8-conductor connector is used to supply power as well as encoder and synchronization signals to the scanner.

The encoder inputs are RS-422 5-V differential signals. They support encoder rates up to a maximum of 100,000 pulses per second.

The Start Scan input signal can be driven by either RS-422 5V differential, 5V push pull, or open collector outputs.  For 5V push-pull and open collector operation, the input should be to the StartScan+ signals, and the StartScan- should be left floating. The Start Scan signal is edge triggered, and by default triggers on a falling edge. The StartScanTriggerOnHigh parameter reverses this, and causes the scanners to trigger on a rising edge.

8-Wire Pinout

JS-25 scanners are generally connected with our standard 8-wire cable. Alpha 2643C or an equivalent cable is suggested.

Table 1. Alpha 2643C / EN-3 / 8-Wire Diagram


Wire ColorEN-3 PinFunction
White1Encoder B-
Green2Encoder B+
White/Black3Start Scan-
White/Red4Start Scan+
White/Yellow5Encoder A-
White/Green6Encoder A+



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